A visit from Aunty and Uncle

It’s been a rather sad week for me.  The kids and I dropped my sister and her fiancé, David, off at the airport on Sunday morning and after a week of fun and adventures, the house now feels rather empty.

Uncle, Aunty and Laird

I think they have very similar features

When they arrived a little over a week ago, we didn’t give them much time to settle after their red-eye flight touched down from Honolulu.  We quickly packed up our camping gear and headed straight for our favorite beach camping spot.  Although it was windier than we would’ve liked it, I think we all enjoyed watching the sunsets on the beach and playing in the sand.  The rest of the week was filled with Laird’s birthday party, preschool day at Oaks Park, blueberry picking, eating at food carts and chasing down candy at the Multnomah Days Parade.  So much activity that you can imagine why I feel a tiny bit blue.

Our beach getaway

Someone has found a buddy

Something about having kids makes me ponder all these things in life that never bothered me before.  Such as, before I had kids it never bothered me that I lived so far away from my family.  I had lived on the mainland for 13 years and not once did I truly consider moving back to Hawaii.  Yet shortly after Laird was born I really began to miss my family.

I think a lot of these thoughts stem from memories of my grandparents when I was a child.  I was lucky to have both sets of grandparents living on Oahu and they were never more than a half hour drive away.  They dropped me off and picked me up from school, cheered me on at my soccer games and we often spent the night at Grandpa’s and Grandma’s.  They were just always there.  And now that L&L are here, it’s hard for me to imagine them not having that same experience of growing up with their grandparents.  Who will be their #1 fans on the sidelines?  Who will be the ones to spoil them with all the things mommy and daddy won’t give them?  Why is Hawaii so da@# expensive?!

It’s always the hardest when my family leaves after visiting or when we return from vacation.  And as the weeks go by, and life continues on, my sadness lessons.   I try to live in the moment and, thankfully, L&L keep me busy enough that I never have the chance to be sad for very long.  Plus, I remind myself that God has a plan for us and is continuously opening and shutting doors along the way.  As much as I miss my family, I’m not ready to leave our friends, church and home that we have here in Portland.

So for now, I just beg my family to come and visit us or take my kids (and, sadly, leave my husband) for 3 weeks to visit them.

The night my sister and David left, Laird said he wanted to say our prayer before dinner and this is exactly how it went: Dear God, thank you for Aunty Steph, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Riding the Tilt-a-whirl at Oaks Amusement Park

Lots of smiles

Uncle and Leini at dinner

Waiting for the Multnomah Days Parade to start.  How does the weather change 40 deg overnight?!!!


2 responses to “A visit from Aunty and Uncle

  1. i too never understood how difficult it would be to live without family around, until i had kids…never had to worry about another person in that way…just that security of having someone around…so i give kudos to you and other parents that do!!! Glad you had fun with your sister and hope you get to visit them soon!

    • I completely understand what Teekwee goes through now. Amazing how having kids will do that to you…show you what’s truly important in life. You’re so fortunate to have your family by 🙂

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