Laird turns 3…sort of

I have a confession.  I am either Portland’s smartest mama or the most shameless.  I think the former, but you be the judge.

A little over a month ago, as I sat with my friend, Melissa, watching our kids play near the fountains at the park, I thought, “What a beautiful day and a great place to have a birthday party.  It’s a shame we can’t celebrate Laird’s birthday here.”  You see, Laird’s special day is at the end of September and for the past two years the temperature has been in the low-to-mid 70s at that time.  Weather nice enough to be comfortable outside in, but with the constant risk of rain.  Ugh.  At that moment, the wheels (rusty as they may be) in my brain started turning.  Why do we have to celebrate his birthday on September 26th?  Would it be so horrible to have a party, say, a month before?  I’m sure no one knows when his actual birthdate is, including Laird.

So, as usual, I consulted the answer to all of life’s difficult questions…Google.  Sure enough, other mama’s out there had posed the same question on various forums.  Most responders advised throwing the party no more than a month in advance and having a small celebration on the actual birthdate.  Sweet.  I’m brilliant.  No more cramming a bunch of people into our unfit-to-entertain house, no searching for overpriced birthday party venues.  Laird would be having his birthday at the park.

While planning the party, I asked him, “What do you want for your birthday?”  He responded with a smile, “Balloons.  And friends.”  Done.

Hugs for the boys

This past monday just happened to be a gorgeous 80-degree day.  Blue skies, light wind, happy kids and lots of smiles.  I know Laird had a blast and I’m pretty sure most of the kids did as well.

Now, the only problem is…Laird keeps telling everyone, “I’m 3!  I’m 3!”

“Well, sort of,” is all I can say.

Curt & Alyssa braving the frigid fountain water

Hannah, Laird and Curt get wet!

One of Laird’s favorite treats in Hawaii is shave ice. Recreated here in the form of a cupcake.

“I wish for more balloons.”

Cupcake time!

Playing with the ball throwing game

Cool dudes, Brayden & Laird

Leila and her cupcake face

Hannah and Josie swinging 🙂

Hugging new friends!


2 responses to “Laird turns 3…sort of

  1. Happy Early Birthday, Laird! It looks like you had a ton of fun! Good job mama!
    I see that you have the opposite problem as I have with McKaylee…it is usually too hot to do anything outside other than the swimming pool or water park…thus we had her party at a swimming pool which I find kinda scary…wild kids and water screams danger to me! But with almost a one adult and one child ratio it ended up being a ton of fun! I can’t wait till she gets a little older and go do art work, berry picking, etc.

    • I know, so jealous of people with summer birthdays. McKK is lucky…although, maybe in the heat and humidity of NE, a fall birthday wouldn’t be so bad 🙂 Curt and I have discussed changing Laird’s birthday officially to August. LOL.

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