5 months of Leini

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last post which was written back in Hawaii.  Summer is to blame, even though the weather hasn’t quite felt like it.  We’ve been spending all our time watching our vegetable garden grow, playing outside with friends and sitting by campfires making smores.

Waiting to “marsh our mallows,” as Laird says

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a Leina update, so much to do, so little time.

Leini Bug, as I like to call her, is as sweet as sweet can be.  On a typical day, she wakes up at around 7:30-8:00 am.  I feed her in bed and hope that she’ll fall right back asleep next to me (who doesn’t love to cuddle next to a sleeping baby?).  But…..that never happens.  So, I lay her back in the crib in her room where she’ll sleep for another 2 to 2.5 hours.  In the meantime, I make myself some oatmeal and Laird wakes up soon after.  By the time little Leini wakes up again, Laird and I are usually ready to start our day, and we all try to head out the door by 10:00 am.  That is one of the perks about being a SAHM…no schedule!  Where do we head?  To playdates at the park, the grocery store, the library, Joann’s, Costco, the pool, berry picking, you name it.

Ready to head out for the day!

Unlike her older brother, Leina has never been one to nap well anywhere else but her crib or someone’s pillowy arms (i.e. grandma).  Which means the poor thing is exhausted by the time Laird is finished playing and is usually getting pretty fussy (along with her brother).  At which point, we make a mad dash home and I put the two munchkins to sleep.  Thankfully, these two are super sleepers and will typically nap for 2.5 to 3 hours.  Just enough time for me to do some cleaning, laundry, sewing, hammock swinging and attending to my pinterest boards.  When they wake up, it’s time to play for a little while, eat dinner and get ready for bed.  Bedtime for Leini is 7:30 pm.  I really don’t remember Laird snoozing this much…but, no complaining here!  And that’s the screenshot of our day.

Hours of entertainment

During the day, Leini will spend about 30 minutes sitting contently in the Bumbo seat while watching Laird sing songs or learning how to wash dishes (it’s never too early to learn).  She loves more than anything to be held though, especially when she can stand.  I’m not sure this girl will bother with crawling, as she has no interest on being left on the floor.  Recently, I find it easiest to carry her in the Ergo and it’s rather entertaining watching her little fingers grab onto my necklace or reach for the veggies I’m chopping on the counter.

Playing with her toes, while mommy folds her diapers. Some help would be nice. 🙂

Although she doesn’t laugh much, she has a reciprocal smile for anyone who smiles at her.  She also loves to sqwak and squeal especially in the car.  She’s not quite the drool factory that Laird was, but she loves to bite on anything she can fit into her little mouth.– fingers, hair and grass are all on her menu.  So far she’s taken small nibbles of banana, bread, oranges and apples and seems to love the variety of flavors.  That being said, she is a great nurser and I am relishing all of that quality time I am able to spend with her.

Thank God for the Bumbo! Stttttrrrrretch…

I’ve always wanted a super chubby baby.  You know, the one with the thunder thighs and rolls upon rolls of skin.  Laird never had those and neither does Leini.  In fact, at her 5 month visit, we discovered what a petite little peanut she is at 50 percentile for height and 30 percentile for weight.  But she appears both happy and healthy, so I haven’t been worried.

“Hmmm….now how do you use this thing?”

I often reflect on how fortunate we are to be the parents of a (healthy) boy and girl.  I’ll admit, Laird isn’t exactly the testosterone fueled boy yet, preferring to twirl in dresses with his girlfriends and begging to use my makeup.  But it’s been fun having a little girl around.  She’s sweet and delicate, lovely and ethereal.  She *almost* makes me want to have another.

Laird often says, “I love Leini so much.”  And I couldn’t agree more.

My two favorite little people


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