Lairdisms: Insights from a chatty little 2-year old

Somedays I feel like Curt and I are so fortunate to have such a talkative little 2-year old boy for a son.  There’s usually no question what he wants and no real difficulty in understanding what he’s trying to convey.  Until, that is, our ears start burning from the non-stop questions and comments, completely off-pitch singing and talk-back phrases such as, “don’t tell me to go to sleep.”  Oh, such is the daily drama of being parental units to a not-so-terrible two-yr old.

Eating blueberries for dessert

Here is a sampling of some of our recent encounters with Laird:

Laird and I at the fabric store

Woman squeaks her boot on the floor which makes an interesting sound as we walk by…

Laird: Mommy, she farted.

Me: Ignore him, he’ll forget about it.

Laird (a little louder): Mommy, she made a fart.

Me: Again, ignore and redirect.  Wow, Laird, look at all the colorful ribbons!

Laird: She made a fart, Mommy (this time she heard him).

Me: Not at all prepared to deal with such a situation so early in his years, I now explain that it isn’t polite (generally) to point out when other people fart.  Because, a lot of things sound like farts, but are not farts.  Blah, blah, blah.  A few weeks after this incident, he reminded me that “we don’t say when people fart.”

Green burrito with Daddy

After getting home from work

Me: Laird, did you have a good day?  How was Liz’s (babysitter) house?

Laird, smiling:  Oh good, I didn’t hit Sophie (Liz’s daughter).

Me, clarifying: You didn’t hit Sophie?

Laird:  Yeah, I didn’t hit Sophie!

Me:  Great!

At the dinner table

Me: Laird, you have beautiful eyes.

Laird: I know.

Talking about Baby L

Me: Mommy has a baby in her tummy.

Laird (looking down at his belly): I have a baby too!

Me:  Oh, you do?  What’s her name?

Laird: Baby Lilah.

Me: Oh, okay.

Later, I retell this story to Curt, who then informs me that Lilah is, in fact, the babysitter’s cat.

Laird's baby belly

Getting ready to leave the house:

Me: C’mon, dude, we gotta go.

Laird: I’m not dude. I’m Laird.

Someone recently discovered funny faces!

Laird’s potty accident

Curt: Go potty, Laird, we’re going.

A couple minutes later…

Curt: Did you go potty, Laird?  Where are your pants and undies?

Laird: They’re dirty, they’re in the washer.

Curt: They’re not dirty, they’re fine, let’s put them back on.

Laird: No, they’re dirty.

Curt goes to the washer and finds Laird’s little undies and pants soaked with pee. 🙂  Apparently, he didn’t make it and was cleaning up his own mess.

My (usually) sweet boy 🙂


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