Curt gets a (real) job

I love oatmeal for breakfast!!

Waking up with daddy

Since his graduation in mid-June, our newly graduated dentist has been using all of his experience gained in dental school not to give shots, drill or fill, but rather to vacuum, do laundry and make dinner.  He may be a DMD, but SAHD is more approriate an acronym to describe the last 4.5 months for Curt.  Despite watching his classmates and close friends find jobs as dentists shortly after graduation, our loveable dentist quickly adapted to the role of full-time daddy while looking for a job and preparing to take a board exam.  I (as well as many friends) tried to alleviate his worries about losing his touch or forgetting how to practice dentistry, by constantly reminding him that time spent with Laird was rare, but a career in dentistry would be there forever (and ever).  And that this was truly a special chance to spend with his only son that life probably wouldn’t offer again in the future.  So our little duo spent the summer together making memories and a lot of messes!

As daddy says, "safety first!"

What truly amazes me is how well Curt fulfilled the SAHD role.  Having spent 3 months at home with Laird when he was first born, and having a 4-day weekend with him every week, I know how difficult it can be to not only keep the little booger entertained, but to also pick up around the house and run errands at the same time.  And I often feel that it is way easier to go to work than stay at home and be a parent to a toddler (especially a little boy).

Fun times on the swing!! Wheeee!

Before being a parent, I’ll be honest and say that I thought SAHMs had it easy.  Wouldn’t it be great to be at home all day with your kid and have the day to play?  Of course this all changed when we had Laird as nothing could be further from the truth.  When I’m at home with Laird, I have a check-list of all the things that need to get done.  And “Entertain Laird” is usually not one of them.  My list is more along the lines of: Feed dogs, feed Laird, take Laird to Dr’s appointment, maybe stop at park, pick up groceries, possibly stop at fabric store if Laird is not going crazy, feed Laird lunch, put Laird down for a nap, then things get really busy…vacuum, hang laundry, fold laundry, clean-up, prep for dinner, etc, etc.  And this is all occuring with the ever-present tantrum and freak-out episode thrown in the mix.  Somehow Curt managed to do this every day without going ballistics.

Another beanie pic

The two of them went for runs to the library and park, tackled the mess of overgrown forest in our backyard, kept the house relatively clean and prepared some delicious meals together.  Curt even managed to get him potty-trained at two years!!  I know it definitely wasn’t easy, as Curt would often send me texts such as “little man is acting up today” or “someone is being a grouch” and at the end of the day I would hear the low-down on how much time laird spent in time-out or simply crying on the floor.  But despite all this, I loved knowing that Laird and his daddy were able to spend so much time together at a stage when our little guy is changing so quickly.  Time that most daddies don’t get to have.  All of these are some of the pictures that Curt sent me via text while I was at work and the two of them were at home this sumer.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that Curt is now working 3 days a week at a dental clinic in Tigard, Oregon!!

Playing with the water at the children's museum

Testing out beanies at REI


2 responses to “Curt gets a (real) job

  1. Sheri, it’s pretty funny how much we paralell, Steve stayed home with Lorenzo when he was about a year and a half old for about 5 months! We also alternate our work days so one of us is SAH 2 days and at work the other 2. It still gets crazy but it relaly is the best of both worlds! Miss you, love the blog!

    • That sounds perfect, actually! I think part of me is nervous because I am fully aware of how difficult being a SAHM can be and would often “get a break” at work (generally no one cries during braces appts :). lol. I’m sure it’ll be great, it’s just such a drastic change for me.

      Have fun visiting my hillbilly bff in FL!

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