Laird turns 2

Being silly on the ferry to Orcas Island

It’s hard to believe that our once 8-lb, toothless, drooly baby is now a running, singing, smiling, full-fledged toddler.  Gone are the days of counting his age in months (thank goodness, because it was getting increasingly difficult to calculate) and when asked “Laird, how old are you?” are little guy eagerly responds, “I’m two!”  Of course, I don’t think he has any idea what that means.

Who wouldn't want to wear a cow hat?

To celebrate the milestone of his 2nd year on earth, his grandparents, Aunty Steph and Uncle David flew to Portland from Hawaii and we all took off on a road trip up north to Canada.  While I attended a dental conference that coincidentally happened to be the same weekend, the rest of the crew toured Vancouver, BC, peering down from the Capilano Suspension Bridge and testing out some Canadian Beer.

Walking with Grandpa and Grandma across the suspension bridge

From there we headed back south to Orcas Island, one of many islands in the group known as the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State.  While there we drove around the quaint little island, braved a major wind and rain storm and enjoyed our time as a family sitting by the cozy fire watching Laird run around chasing balloons and playing with his new toys.

Someone is a little overwhelmed by the wind and the rain

We also relished some Laird-free time while sea kayaking and were lucky enough to spot a huge pod of orcas.  It was a fun (but extremely tiring) trip and nothing could top seeing my little guy’s face when we sang Happy Birthday to him with his very own cake and candles.

Playing "handglider" with Auntie and Uncle

Those who are fortunate to see him on a regular basis know what a talker Laird is and not a day goes by that something he says doesn’t make me laugh or simply amaze me.  Some examples:

“Mommy, be careful, don’t slip.”  As I’m doing lunges off the couch.

“What’s that noisy?”  When he hears something he is unfamiliar with.

“Ambulance.  Somebody needs help,” when an ambulance or fire truck goes by.

While waving part of his kite like a flag he will shout, “P. T. F. C!”  The chant he has heard at a few Portland Timber Football Club games.

Riding a horse!

He also loves to sing and frequently can be overheard belting out one of many songs in his crib upon falling asleep or awaking such as ABCs, twinkle twinkle, Itsy bitsy spider, Jesus Loves me, The wheels on the bus, Happy Birthday and a few others that are played on the radio.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how much I adore my little pumpkin, as I love to call him.  Despite picking up dog poop with his bare hands and throwing the occasional tantrum for no apparent reason, he has been a blessing in our lives and has shown us how much one can love another.  We are so thankful for his smile, his laughter and the happiness he has brought into our lives in just these two quick years.  We love you, Laird. 🙂

One of my faves!! And not a drop of spit on the cake. Incredible.


4 responses to “Laird turns 2

  1. he is so freakin’ cute!!!! in the perfect world, we’d live close to each other and our kids would play and grow up together…but i guess i’ll have to settle with the occasional visit to omaha. love and miss you guys! XOXO to laird!
    PS. you don’t even look prego on the picture!

    • I know, our little guys are so close in age, they would have so much fun together.–probably get into tons of trouble. 🙂 If we ever make it to Hawaii, they can play together on the beach (while you are safely far enough away from the “dirt.”) I’ll have to send you a recent pic of me, that picture didn’t do my belly justice. It’s getting out there!

  2. Miss my moo cow lairdy. He gives us so much joy with all his funny antics. I wonder what his sibling will be like.
    love being a grandma.

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