Garden stuff, blueberry picking and canning

Fresh-picked berries

We went blueberry picking about a month ago and again a couple weeks ago and altogether  hauled away about 15 lbs of blue-purplish balls of yumminess.–“like a plum,” Laird says of the blueberry.  Our freezer is getting fuller and fuller every weekend as I try to savor and preserve every flavor reminding me of summer for the coming fall and winter.  So far all we have are frozen strawberries, blueberries and corn, this is in addition to a pantry stocked full of strawberry jams.  But, I’d love to freeze green beans, peaches and who knows what else in there as well.  Whenever I say “let’s just stick in the freezer,” I can feel Curt’s look.  This is the “there-is-no-room-in-the-freezer-crazy-woman” look.  So I’ve taken to canning also, which I’ll post about later.  We’ve also used our solar dehydrator to sun dry fresh tomatoes, peaches and, well, bananas (although those aren’t local).

Our taste testers

This turd is trying to push me over

Anyway, here are some pictures from our fun days picking berries and the slowly ripening produce from Laird’s garden.  We relished our fresh broccoli, green beans, chard, cucumbers (just 3), jalapenos, potatoes, basil and soon to be ready (?) tomatoes.

Blueberry and peach jam cooking away

Beans from Laird's garden. Perfect sauteed with garlic, lemon thyme and lemon juice.

Our first tomato this season!!


2 responses to “Garden stuff, blueberry picking and canning

  1. looks so yummy and looks like Laird’s having fun! home grown tomatoes are out of this world! i love them. when we went on our road trip we stopped by an organic berry farm and picked raspberries and strawberries. they were so sweet and juice. The best raspberries i have ever had for sure! you know its good, when the kids inhaled them. i wish the farm was closer!

    • I know, I love super fresh tomatoes with tons of salt! How are yours doing? Is the topsy turvy working? I didn’t use mine this year because I’m horrible at watering the thing. It’s just about apple season, so I think we’re gonna go apple picking soon. 🙂 Have never made an apple pie before, think I’m going to have to try this year. We miss you guys 🙂

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