Adventures down south

We recently visited our friends Phil, Missy and their adorable daughter, Grace, down in southern Oregon for a weekend getaway.  This was our first time spending any time further south than Portland, so we were excited about exploring the area and hanging out with our friends.

Dinner at the Getsinger's

We drove the four hours just outside of Medford after work on Thursday and settled at their home in Eagle Point, Oregon.  It’s much drier there and the sun considerably warmer.  I think the temperature was in the 90s the entire weekend, but I was glad to soak it up.  On Friday we walked 4 miles (roundtrip) for some donuts.  I had been craving a cinnamon roll for the past couple weeks, so Curt convinced me to get one.  Although I really think he just wanted it for himself because he ate most of it.  We then took the kiddos to a fun little spray park, where Laird ran through fountains of water.  He’s definitely turned a corner as far as liking water is concerned.  Since returning from Hawaii he’s much more open to getting wet and splashing around in it.

Splash park

On Saturday we loaded up our cars and headed to our campsite for the next couple days at Lost Creek Reservoir, a fairly large state park on the way to Crater Lake.  The reservoir is actually pretty nice, especially if you have a boat or jet ski.  For us, we went to the “beach” and found an area with dirty sand, littered with largish rocks and muddy water that was a sad excuse for a beach.  But, being that it was so hot and we needed to cool off, I went in and my little buddy followed.

Someone is getting braver

The next day we took a little day trip to Crater Lake.  This was our first visit to the lake and it did not disappoint.  The lake was an unimaginable stunning, deep blue.  And incredibly calm.  It’s amazing to think that at one point it had been a volcano until it collapsed upon itself.  Truth be told though, unless one is intending to hike or backpack around the lake, there really isn’t much else to do around it other than see it, admire it and head home.  So that’s pretty much what we did.

Good times

We went for another swim in the lake, this time Laird was actually laying in the water.  And Curt whipped up some delicious spaghetti for dinner.  We had our nightly dessert of freshly toasted smores over our campfire, and gazed at the full moon up above.  I thought Laird was fast asleep in his tent.  Yet out of the dark came the little stinker, with a big smile on his face, so proud that he had escaped from his tent.  I walked him back to the tent and he turned to me and asked, “How’d he get out?”–as if he was quizzing me, “Mommy, can you figure it out?” 🙂  Oh how I love my little dude.

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