Shave ice, pineapples and sandy diapers – Laird’s vacation in Hawaii

Our little goof ball

We just returned from our 9-day trip back from Honolulu, where we caught up with family, exposed our pale skin to too much UV radiation and relished the tropical breeze and 360 deg ocean views that make Hawaii so beautiful.  Can you tell I’m ready to go back?  So is Laird, because he gets spoiled rotten with all the sweets and attention he wants.

I was a little nervous about how this trip was going to turn out as we were seated next to an older woman who I could immediately sense wasn’t too fond of sitting next to an almost 2-year old boy.  She made a comment of “I’ll just put in my ear phones” to her friends sitting across the aisle and kept herself occupied by her kindle for most of the time.  It was only until the last hour of the flight that she started talking to me and finally made the remark, “You know, I don’t really like kids that much, so I was a little worried when I sat here.  But, your son did really well, he’s been so good.”  Sometimes I wish I had the guts to say what was really on my mind, because as I told Curt afterward, what I truly wanted to say was, “You know, I really don’t like old cranky women that much either, but you didn’t turn out half bad.”  Oh, thank God for oral filters.

I’ve flown in and out of Hawaii too many times to remember, but never have I gotten the feeling of isolation flying into Honolulu like I did on this trip.  As we came up on the islands, it occurred to me that they just seemed to appear out of nowhere.  These really were gems in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, all alone and so far removed from anything else.  How fortunate I was to be born and raised on these islands and have my family there to visit whenever we need a vacation.  As locals often say, “lucky you live Hawaii.”

Boogie boarding at our favorite tide pools near "Big Bunny Island" or "Island Bunny," as Wyatt and Laird refer to it as.

So, with that in mind, we spent all but two of our days there at the beach.  For whatever reason, Lairdy has developed a fear of the water and refused to get in when we first arrived.  But with a little coaxing (via grapes and blueberries) by Aunty Steph, he was soon wading in tide pools and floating with his inflatable horse/zebra-thing in the pool.  We also had shave ice (which little man could not get enough of), poke (so I caved, just to see what his reaction would be), super fresh pineapple, mac salad, cake noodles and tried some hot pot for the first time. It’s also becoming more apparent to me that the food scene in Hawaii is very centered around meat, so it has been frustrating trying to find those unique food-items in vegetarian versions.

Pancakes taste way better with Grandpa's shades on

It was a great trip (as always) and as I sit here typing this I am missing the smell of the ocean breeze and the buzz of my nephews and family in the background.  Hopefully we’ll be back in another six months to relive it all over again….

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3 responses to “Shave ice, pineapples and sandy diapers – Laird’s vacation in Hawaii

  1. Sounds like awesome trip! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon, and play with Laird! Maybe we can all meet up in Hawaii sometime and let all the kids play. We would just love that.

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