Laird at 20 months

Xander and Laird ready for a bike ride

Gosh, where has the time gone?  Every time I look at the little guy he looks different to me.  Less baby-ish.  More kid-ish.  So what is Laird up to these days?  He’s still under the wonderful care of his sitter, Liz, who watches him and a few other kids three days a week when I’m at work.  I think he has a hard time taking his naps there though, probably due to all the commotion, and by the end of the day is exhausted and delirious.

Mondays and fridays are his mommy and me times, days that we do whatever it is we feel like.  Realistically, these days are times where I tirelessly try to get the house reorganized from the weekend or the week by doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and maybe some gardening if it’s nice.  We occasionally have playdates with friends and more recently have started venturing to the park more often.  His favorite place to be is outdoors though and he will beg me saying “Outside?   Outside?”

Laird’s vocabulary is expanding rapidly.  I am often taken completely off-guard when he boastingly states the name of an object that I had no idea he knew or remembered.  Pineapple, penguin, guinea pig and surfboard, are examples.  It’s also amazing to see him start putting words together to from short sentences.  I know, every human goes through these stages and eventually learns how to talk.  But, I just can’t believe how fast it all happens.

Bath time fun!

We are still cloth diapering and after a recent episode of diarrhea/mushy poop, I cannot wait until he is potty trained.  Laird has started showing a (very) remote interest in using the potty.  He might say “stinky diaper” or “go potty.”  From which I will then walk him to his little potty only to have him see it, say “potty” and then “all done, all done,” without having done anything.  I’m finally starting to believe all those people that warned me that “boys take longer to potty train.”  Really, how much easier could it be for boys?

How is little man’s hair looking?  Pretty crazy, actually.  Due to the sloping shape of Laird’s head, the top of it sticks straight up, while the rest of it all lays neatly.  I’m still waiting patiently for it to grow back.

Henry and Laird playing at the park

About Laird’s diet, many people often ask me, “Will Laird be vegetarian also?”  And while trying to disguise sarcasm, I reply “Yes, he will be a vegetarian.  At least while we’re feeding him.”  What I really want to say is, “Of course!  Why would I feed my child meat, if I don’t eat it myself?”  He eats a diet full of whole grains and lots of veggies.  He loves his bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, filled with bananas or strawberries, sometimes peanut butter, hemp seeds and raw cow milk.  Lunch is at the sitter’s and since she is vegetarian also, is fed similarly.  Dinner is all over the board.  He doesn’t mind spice and so we give it to him.   Whatever we eat, he eats.  Thai curry, Mexican, pasta, Indian, veggie burgers, etc.  But nothing beats the look on his face when I ask him if he wants blueberries for dessert.  The light in his eyes could illuminate the sky.  He loves blueberries.

At the Children's Museum

Sometimes I wish I could pause the hands on the clock and slow life down for just a bit longer to relish this amazingly, fun time…


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