Owl has found a new home

With every day that passes by, it seems like Laird has a new, favorite stuffed animal.  One day it might be Elmo, the next day Bear, and then Turtle.  Right now, second to Go-Go, Owl is his favorite buddy.  Owl has fallen in and out of favor many times now; somedays Laird is perfectly fine with him being chewed up by Mango, the next day he freaks out if Mango is within 5 feet of Owl.  And, like most of the things we find valuable in this house, Laird loves to hide Owl in various nooks and crannies.

This is where I found Owl yesterday.  Organized neatly with the tupperware.  There would definitely be a coup in Laird’s version of Toy Story the movie.

I'm not sure Owl is very happy being stored with the tupperware

When I found him, I showed Laird where poor Owl had been.  Of course, he ran and grabbed Owl, snuggling him up to his cheek. The thought of “Oh, how I’ve missed you” lasted briefly as he ran passed Curt who was doing the dishes, placing him somewhere new and headed into the laundry room.  After discovering where Laird had put Owl, Curt told me I needed to see where he was.  This is where Laird had put him.

Hmmm, I guess he does appear quite cozy in there

He was perfectly tucked away in my food processor cover in the dishwasher.  Who knows where he’ll end up next?


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