Laird’s new bag

My favorite little man got a present in the mail the other day from Aunt Nancy in Iowa.  A wizard behind the sewing machine, she created a handsewn, made-with-love, duffel-type bag that will be perfect for weekend trips to the coast, spontaneous getaways to Hawaii and, of course, 4th of July vacations in Iowa to visit who else?  Aunt Nancy!  It also could double as a sleeping bag for Laird (just kidding…sort of).  The bag is covered with baby, green sea turtles, the theme in Laird’s nursery.

Here is a video of Laird opening it.  Please ignore my annoying, high-pitched voice.  I don’t know why my voice sounds that way when I talk to him, I can’t make it stop!

Thank you, Aunt Nancy!


2 responses to “Laird’s new bag

  1. Wow, I’m so glad the bag made a big hit!!! When he’s not traveling, I’m sure he will enjoy filling it with his important stuff around the house!!! Little boys are so creative!!!
    The bags are fun to make; that makes #24!!!

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