The buzz cut

There are very few things in my life that I regret doing and the decision to shave Lairdy’s head is one of them.  Hair.  What is the obsession and fascination with hair?  In years (long) past, I’ve dropped a few hundred dollars on haircuts, perms (fyi, Asians should not get perms ), highlights, curling irons, flat irons, curlers and product.  Product.  Don’t get me started on product.  It takes at least a full week to fully wash all that junk out of my hair when I visit the salon.

About haircuts, although I occasionally notice good ones, a bad one catches my eye a mile away.  Which is why I was adamant that Lairdy would NOT have a bowl cut.  I recently discussed this with a friend and we came to the conclusion that the “beauty” of the bowl cut is that it is fast, relatively simple and gets the job done.  It’s easy to understand why helpless kids are often stuck with them.  But despite the benefits, I did not want my son to have a rice bowl for a head.  What’s odd about this situation is I spend next to no time on my hair at all.  I have it cut twice a year, if that, and do nothing more than blow dry, brush and occasionally add some curls.  Most of the time it is hidden in some messy, bird’s nest in the back of my head or falling out of a loose ponytail.  So I’m not really sure why it is I am so opposed to the bowl cut.

To buzz or not to buzz?

Up until Easter Sunday, I kept up with Laird’s rapidly growing hair by cutting it every two to three weeks around his ears, above his eyes and in the back with a tapered technique I had learned from watching my stylist.  Really, who needs beauty school?  This worked great at the beginning, when he actually sat still for me to do it, just turning his head to follow the scissors occasionally.  However, the last few months haven’t gone as easily and I worried about nipping his ear or neck, or accidentally snipping a chunk of hair as he squirmed around wanting to run.  So after careful thought and reflection, Curt and I decided to shave his head.  My thought being we could shave it until he was able to understand how to sit still and then let it grow out.  All of my nephews had shaved heads at one time or another and my patient’s mother swore that by shaving her baby’s hair it grew in even thicker (she is asian of course).  Plus, I thought he would be cute with a buzz cut and that he would love using the shaver.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Not only did he hate the shaver, he also didn’t like the feel of the hair on his shoulders or face and pretty much cried the entire time.  But once that first cut was made, there was no turning back.  For ten minutes, poor Laird protested and cried while we took off his precious little locks.  Here is a clip of just before we started, towards the end he tells Curt “All done!  All done!”

If only it was acceptable to wear your diaper (and only your diaper) at the salon.

After all the hair had been cut and I took a good look at my little boy, he looked completely different to me.  And over the course of our Easter Sunday, I slowly realized how much I had loved and missed his longer hair.  I had forgotten about how I always ran my fingers through it anytime I had the chance, or watched it blow in the wind when he played outside.  Yes, we had screwed up and I felt guilty.  Thankfully though, hair is an abundant resource in our family and his will grow back eventually.  Plus, just when I am feeling regretful about it I remember what my dad once told me, “What’s the difference between a good haircut and a bad one?  Three months.”

Mr. Clean Cut


6 responses to “The buzz cut

  1. Laird went from little boy to little man. That’s what i noticed when i shaved mccaden’s hair…no more baby 😛 I think Lairdy looks adorable no matter the hair!

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