Desayuno con nuestra amiga

Laird and I were so happy to have breakfast the other morning with a friend of ours who I haven’t seen in 2 years when she moved from Portland back to Mexico.  We headed over to SE Hawthorne and filled our tummies on greasy, coma-inducing breakfast wraps at Jam on Hawthorne.  I forgot I had already visited this place once before, but apparently it had been awhile.  This is a cute little corner cafe with abundant vegan and vegetarian dishes.

The yummiest breakfast wrap ever!

One thing I will note is that it is getting harder and harder to take Laird out for a civilized meal at a restaurant.  In my perfect world, we would call in our order a half hour before we arrive and have our food there waiting for us.  Because it’s the 20-30 minutes impatiently waiting for our food that Laird begins to get more and more active and by the time our food is brought to us, the dude has lost all ability to stay still.  So, the next 5 minutes become a shovel-fest, a desperate attempt to jam food into our mouths while trying to keep Laird from grabbing glasses, forks and whatever else the waiter happens to foolishly put in his reach.  All to avoid certain meltdown.  Thankfully, this feared meltdown has not occurred, but I am sure is in the not-too-distant future.  If only restaurants had seats like amusement-park rides.  Just like there should be gates to the play areas at the mall.  I think all parents would appreciate that.

Thank God for stuffed bellies

Anyway, our breakfast was delicious and it was so nice catching up with my friend.  Hopefully it won’t be another 2 years when we see each other again.

Walking with Ivette on a beautiful spring day


2 responses to “Desayuno con nuestra amiga

  1. I know exactly the feeling…I’ve always told Mac, “No wonder, parents have heart burn!”…the need to shovel food down their throats and on top of that, the stress of parenthood. We do take outs more often now, either McKaylee or McCaden will sit nicely through a meal…McKaylee will get distracted a little bit with the iPod, but McCaden just wants to get moving. Mac thinks McDonald’s (I know not the best food, but get to eat in semi-peace) is brilliant because they have the play area for the kids…now if only all restaurants have that amenity.

    • Oh God, Jen, it’s bad. I see these other kids just sitting so patiently in their little highchairs and booster seat and I’m like, how do they do that?! I know it’s not sugar either, because he gets next to none of that. Probably has his mama’s inability-to-sit-still genes.

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