So much to talk about

Who knew that a 19-month old could have so much to say?  Little Laird is taking life by the horns and chatting all about it.  Please excuse the poor quality videos, I do not have a smartphone or anything technologically comparable to one.  My phone sucks.

These are words that he has learned most recently:

  • Helicopter – After seeing many of these overhead on his latest trip to Hawaii
  • Buggie – Again, many buggies were spotted in Hawaii and probably refer to the disgusting and monstrous cockroaches there
  • Rhinoceros – This has become a favorite
  • Furikake – A japanese seaweed food topping that he had in Hawaii
  • Vacuum – If only he was capable of effectively using one
  • Chicken – Common birds are also referred to as chickens by Laird
  • Stop it! – Yet another phrase picked up in Hawaii
  • Squirrel – Often found playing in our trees
  • Color – In reference to crayons
  • Owee – After getting a blood blister on his finger
  • Stinky – Learned after many diaper changes, specifically #2
He is also beginning to put sentences together such as:
  • I see bird, I see you, I got you, I love you
  • I want fill-in-the-blank (cereal, milk, water, banana, apple, etc)
  • Bye bye Mango, Bye bye Peanut, bye bye balloon
  • I fell down
Current pastimes include:
  • Dumping his bag of blocks on the floor and not playing with them
  • Coloring the table, not the paper
  • Watching youtube videos of elephants, balloons and the alphabet
  • Attempting to use the vacuum
  • Dancing and hopping around while singing “falling down, falling down, falling down,” the only words to London Bridges he knows
  • Trying to drink from an unlidded sippy cup and creating a mini-moat in his bib instead

3 responses to “So much to talk about

  1. What about “broom”? We wanted to get him a mini-broom to take home but couldn’t find one at Price Buster. Keep the videos coming. Big hugs and kisses to everyone!

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