OMG, the sun!

Yes, it was an OMG moment the other day when we actually saw the sun.  When you think about it, the sun is an amazing thing.  There would be no life without it, as everything we know requires sun to grow in some way.  And it does wonders for my mood.  So since the sun was shining this weekend, we decided to head out and enjoy it.  First, no sunny day is worth living without banana walnut pancakes.

I love pancakes!

We took our bikes over to Oaks Bottom Refuge in SE Portland and rode up the trail to downtown and around the waterfront.  Everyone (really, everyone) was out enjoying the sun.  It’s a rare sight here in the NW so we soak it in when we can.

Ready for a bike ride. Scowl.

Cherry blossoms along the waterfront

Since it was nice out, we decided to try our first food cart.  Food carts are all the rage here and I’m embarrassed to say that it has only taken 6 years for me to realize how great an eating experience they can be.  I did some research online and found good reviews for an indian food cart, Bombay Chaat.  For $5 we got a huge serving of naan, 4 vegetarian sauces/curries and rice.  We also ordered some yummy samosa chaat too.  Love that stuff.  The cart was hoppin’, especially on this perfect day at lunchtime.

Waiting (not so patiently) for our food

Ahhh, indian food. I'm in heaven.

Little guy in front of the food cart


And that was our day in the sun…can’t wait till summer!


3 responses to “OMG, the sun!

  1. being with family, out in the sun, and good food…nothing beats that! sounds like an awesome day! the cherry blossoms look gorgeous! can’t wait to see little man!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Jen. 🙂 You are the best! We’ll have to do our share of food cart tasting too when you come up here. I’m trying to decide how we should spend our time together in Ptown. Can’t wait!!!!

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