Why I love Portland…

A somewhat long list in no particular order, except for the last thing, which is the best:

  • It’s easy being green here: Recycling, bicycling, the outdoors, Priuses, composting, it’s all here.
  • You can wear any combination of clothing and be in style: All you have is a suit and hiking boots?  No problem.  I’ve seen it, at a dental conference.
  • You can be a vegetarian and not starve: Restaurants abound for the meat-eating and non-meat-eating alike.  This town is known for it’s abundance of good food and foodies adore this city.

Laird birthed in our tub

  • People think you’re only a little weird when you tell them you’re having a home birth and you’re planning on planting the placenta in the backyard: It’s when you add that you’re doing a “hypnobirthing” method that the “you-ARE-really-weird” thoughts commence.
  • But, no worries, if you think you’re weird, there’s always someone weirder.
  • No sales tax: You pay nothing more than the price listed.  (Don’t ask about income tax though).
  • You don’t have to pump your own gas: This is especially nice during the winter months when I’d rather stay in my warm car.  This, however, becomes a negative when I’m in a hurry, there are 5 people ahead of me and only 1 attendant who doesn’t understand the concept of walking fast.
  • Evergreen trees keep everything green year-round: The pine needles can get a bit annoying though, but I’ll stop complaining.
  • Owls live in our backyard: I can still hear them, even with my earplugs in.
  • Hot, dry summers: There is nowhere else I’d rather be on a hot, summer day than Portland.  However, summer lasts but 3 months.  The rest of the year is a seemingly, never-ending mixture of clouds, rain and fleeting breaks of sunshine.  I’m clearly not into the winters here.
  • Our neighbors drive an old, gutted, school bus named the “Rhino Bus” (as indicated by these words spray-painted on the back of it):  In it lies a bed fixed to the floor for “road trips to Burning Man.”  The downside, of course, is this thing is the biggest gas-guzzler and takes up half our driveway.  It’s still cool though.
  • Year-round farmer’s market: I’m sure you could find one in California or Hawaii, but who wants to live in those places?

    Atop Mt Hood. There were at least 50 other people who summitted this day.

  • Everyone loves and appreciates the outdoors: Again, this also becomes a negative, especially during the summer when it is nearly impossible to reserve a campsite on the weekend, trailhead parking lots are overflowing and REI used-gear sales become urban campgrounds.  Actually, I think the true definition of a Portlander is “I love the outdoors more than you.”
  • Super dog-friendly: Dog parks, dog stores, dog bakeries, dog trainers, dog daycares, dog walks, dog breweries and veterinarians.  Dogs rule here.  I’m probably biased though, because I have dogs.
  • Our church is in a community center: Thank God for Riversgate Church.  We’ve made close friends here and have finally found a spiritual home.
  • Best airport ever: These TSA people have their act together, as I’ve never had to wait like I’ve had at other airports.  It’s clean and not so huge that I can actually not use the moving walkway and still make it to my gate on time.
  • Micro-breweries: Many of you who know me know that I can’t handle alcohol, at all.  Bad things happen when I drink.  But Curt loves a good IPA and Portland is home to many an IPA and many micro-breweries.  This makes him happy.  Which, in turn, makes me happy.  Really, PDX is a beer connoisseur’s utopia.
  • Alternative transportation is encouraged: Public transportation is excellent here and P-town caters to the bicyclist.  This is generally good, except for those bikers that feel entitled (blowing through stop signs, whizzing by extremely too close to runners, swearing at cars).  See this video for better explanation.  I actually had a bicyclist get mad at me on the Max train, while I was pregnant, because I didn’t give him enough room for his bike.
  • Home of Dave’s Killer Bread: Already discussed in a prior post.  It’s awesome.

Playing a round of "golf" at McMenamins Edgefield. Wby is Curt keeping score?

  • McMenamin’s Brew Pubs and Theaters: My cousin introduced us to McMenamin’s and I was in heaven.  Theaters with couches, tables, pizza, tots, beer and movies for $3.  Need I say more?  I will say more, though, and add that they even have Mommy and Family matinees.  Yes, it is perfectly acceptable, even expected, that there will be a screaming child in a movie, likely mine.
  • Community acupuncture clinics: Why have acupuncture alone?  At this place, I get stuck with needles, lay back in my comfy lay-z-boy and fall asleep for an hour next to other acupuncture addicts.

Timbers game

  • Portland Timbers: Finally, we have a major league sports team for a sport that I actually love.  Soccer.  Although I’m not really a fan of the mascot.  A lumberjack.  Kind of against my environmental beliefs.
  • Portland Marathon: Of all the ones I have run, this by far, was my favorite.  Fans, bands and lots of people.  There was a guy handing out cups of beer at mile 4.  I can’t imagine that stayed down.
  • People here actually know what cloth diapers are and more people are using them.
  • Our neighbors throw an annual Apple Smash Party: Every year we catch up with our fellow Portlanders, smash apples and drink fresh apple cider.  I’m not sure it’s organic though, I really should recommend organic apples.
  • I am not the only one using reusable grocery bags: And this is not only at grocery stores, but at the shopping mall too.  Plus, the grocery checkers here don’t give you a P-Oed look when you ask for paper bags instead of plastic.
  • The Portland grocery checker tells your BFF (who is from Florida, has never been to Portland and just arrived the day before) that “Florida is a dirty state”: This, of course, leads to an awkward exchange, whereby the checker adds that he visited the state and trash was literally everywhere.  The quick-witted BFF then irritatingly replies that it is the “tourists that make the state dirty,” grabs her beer in a plastic bag and storms out of the store.  (Who knows where that plastic bag is now.  Probably caught in a bush on the side of the road making our state look “dirty”.)  She now strongly dislikes Portland and deems it the “heroin and runaway capital of the U.S.”  I’m laughing here just thinking about this conversation and I wasn’t even there.

    Camping on the coast. Not sure how we scored this oceanfront site on a weekend during the summer.



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