Laird at 18 months

It still baffles me that our little baby is now a 25 lb, running, singing toddler. When did this happen? Where was I?

Some of Laird’s strengths are:

  • Spotting balloons on the ceiling of the mall
  • Mastering the art of remote control hiding
  • Discovering that the juice of blueberries makes an invigorating facial mask
  • “Sharing” toothbrushes

After a bowl of blueberries

He is slowly teaching both Curt and me that life goes on without remote controls and ear plugs (which always mysteriously disappear) and that what really matters are “balloons!” I have never seen a bigger smile than when Laird sees a balloon.

The eyes do not stray

A few of little guy’s weaknesses are:

  • Calling our floor “dirty”. I should never have taught him that word.
  • Handing out too much toilet paper
  • Dropping a trail of cheerios for his dogs to eat

Anyone who knows Laird also knows his favorite pal Joey, who he has always called “Go-Go”. Never far from his sight, Go-Go serves as a napkin, floor mop and petri dish. Yes, Go-go is always in need of a bath.

Crazy in the kitchen

Laird’s vocabulary is expanding daily, though the most common words center around food. We limit his sugar intake so blueberries, banana, grapes, apple, cereal, bread, milk and oatmeal are popular words right now. Though I’m sure cookie, chocolate, pizza and juice are just around the corner.

What else can I say about little Lemrick? As with all kids, he is full of life and energy. We never know what the next day will bring..some days are good, other days are better. One thing I will never be able to comprehend is how we were ever happy without him in our lives.

Bubble bath


4 responses to “Laird at 18 months

  1. Hey there!! Mom told be about your blog. What a great way to document Laird’s development and growth. Your homemade cheese looks awesome, with lots of chemistry mixed in! We can’t believe Laird’s 18 months either. Looking forward to seeing him next week.

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