Killer bread and cannabis

When my mom was visiting us a few weeks ago, she bought a loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread at the grocery store.  It had been awhile since I had a slice of his sandwich bread but it didn’t take long for my carb addiction to kick in full-force.  Dave is a real person, a former convict actually, who served time in jail and eventually turned his life around and decided, of all things, to make bread.  Really, really good bread.

Half-eaten bag of the best sandwich bread ever

As far as I know, he hasn’t killed anything or anyone, but you could describe his bread as being, well, killer.  It is THAT good.  He makes over a dozen different types of bread, all are organic and all have whole grains.  My favorite is Blues bread, with Good Seed as a close second.  I have no idea if they sell this bread anywhere outside of Oregon, but if you can get your hands on some you will not be disappointed.

Good seed bread

In addition to bread, my other new found food interest is…Cannabis.  Okay, so maybe not the cannabis plant that first comes to mind.  But rather a close relative, the hemp plant.  Specifically, hemp seed.

As a vegetarian, I’m always trying to find new sources of vegetable protein to serve my family.  And recently, quinoa and lentils have been staples, both have ample protein and are easy to throw into sauces.  But, they need to be cooked and that takes time, preparation and planning.  Something that can be hard for a working mama.  After searching the internet, I discovered the powers of the magical hemp seed.

Hemp seed is awesome.  It’s from the Cannabis genus, but contains only trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannibanol).  Marijuana, on the other hand, has considerably more THC and therefore causes the side effects attributed to THC.  So, sorry, but hemp seed will not make you high.  And no, it is not illegal to consume in the U.S.  Because the U.S. is ultra-cautious about Cannabis in general though, the seed must be heat-treated or sterilized prior to entering the country.

Hemp seed. That's seed, not weed

I was able to find a great deal on hemp seed at for $2.90/lb!  These seeds are unhulled, providing a little extra fiber and crunch.  Curt thinks they taste a lot like sunflower seeds, I have to agree.  I’ve started putting them in everything: oatmeal, sauces, soy yogurt, bread, brownies (just kidding about the brownies).  I even eat it plain.

Overall, I am glad to have a complete protein in a simple package that can be taken anywhere and eaten with anything, no cooking required.  Talk about a natural high.   Ok, maybe not quite…


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