Pray for Japan

Over the past week, my thoughts and prayers have been focused on the people of Japan.  I am of Japanese descent, and though I do not have any immediate relatives or friends there, I feel an intangible connection to the land and the people of this beautiful country.  It is incredibly heartbreaking to hear of the incredible loss of life, treasures and happiness and I can’t help but tear everytime I witness another survivor grieving the unimaginable loss of one or more loved ones.


Grieving the loss of his mother

This tragic event has made me look inward and reflect on my life and the way I am living.  I have found myself asking: What is truly important? How attached am I to the “things” in my life?  What if my family were gone without any warning today?  How would I show my love for them, not knowing if I might ever see them again, or have the chance to say goodbye?

I think it’s natural for most people to assume that their loved ones will always be there.  Why wouldn’t they?  I know I do.  But, life is so fragile, fatal accidents happen every second of every day.  And though my loved ones know that I adore them, I would be ridden with guilt if my last moments with them weren’t filled with love and happiness.

From this tragedy, I hope to teach Laird just how unpredictable life is.  Never assume you will have the chance to do something later that you didn’t want to do now.  Show your love.  Be happy, be joyful.

Continue to pray for Japan, for the strength of the people, for hope, acceptance, and happiness in the future.  The cherry blossoms in Portland are beginning to bloom, lining the sidewalks with pink flowers…a sign of life reemerging.


3 responses to “Pray for Japan

  1. We enjoy reading Laird’s Garden and your feelings on many things. It definitely has caused us to understand (or begin to understand) your stance on all these “issues”.

    Keep these posts coming!!!

    • It’s nice to have a place to express my thoughts and emotions on certain things. 🙂 Since we got this new computer, it’s much faster to post on the blog. I’ll try to keep it up consistently. Miss you guys!

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