Cotton and chickens

I look forward to my fridays…sleeping in sort-of, waking up slowly with Laird and taking off mid-morning to explore the city with my little buddy.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I am currently working on a project making pocket diapers for Laird and am constantly on the hunt for cute, fun and colorful (gender neutral for the possible 2nd child) fabric.  I have hit up Joann’s countless times and had looked at the same yards of fabric over and over again, it was getting monotonous.

I googled “fabric portland, oregon” and rediscovered a place I’ve driven by a number of times, but never had the chance to stop in and browse.  The store is Cool Cottons and is located in an old, renovated house on Hawthorne Street in southeast Portland.  The owner of the store was more than friendly and I was pleasantly satisfied with the rainbow of colors and variety of designs she had stocked in the store.

Figuring out those stairs

While I looked over the fabric again and yet again, Laird occupied himself with a wooden, toddler-sized rocking chair and a balloon (his love affair right now).  Eventually, I honed in on some fabric that would work well as diapers and left content with my new material.  I would highly recommend this place for fun, trendy, cotton fabric, be it for quilts, clothes, diapers or whatever it is you want to sew.

After a half-hour spent in the fabric store, we headed on our way to get our cheesemaking supplies.  Urban Farm Store was a chance find after I emailed the owner of a cheese product supplier to find out where I could purchase her products.  Just as the title states, the store is the mecca for anyone who wants to have a farm in the city and is located on southeast Belmont.

Prior to the dreaded peck

They carry cheesemaking and soap making supplies as well as chickens and chicks.  What is a farm without chickens?  Of coure, Lairdy made a B line for the fluffy little chicks and actually got pecked by one.  Let the crying begin!  I can’t recall every breed they sell, but Rhode Island Reds, Delawares and Ameracaunas were just a few of the dozen or so.  They also have classes on raising chickens and gardening.  My hope is to eventually have an urban farm, complete with chickens, an abundant vegetable garden and possibly goats (we’ll see if Curt lets me do all that).

Picking out his future chicks 🙂

I bought my vegetable rennet for my cheese and let little man check out the chicks one more time before we headed off to our next destination, OHSU to meet daddy for lunch.


One response to “Cotton and chickens

  1. How fun! He is getting so big! I love how you are doing this for him…it will be such a treasure for him!

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