Cloth diaper project

We’ve been cloth diapering since Laird arrived in this world with prefolds and diaper covers.  Anyone who has cloth diapered probably knows that it can be frustrating at times, establishing washing routines, dealing with rashes and the annoying ammonia stinkies.  I have spent hours (days probably) scouring cloth diapering forums trying to learn how to resolve these issues.  And for the past 6 months we have been battling a horrible diaper rash that would just not get better.  I made fleece liners, microsuede liners, stripped all of Laird’s diapers and was about ready to give up.–well not really, I could never use disposables 100%.  I had heard from cloth-diapering friends that pocket diapers worked well for them…easy to use, not many problems with rashes, not to mention cute fabrics.  But, they can run almost $20 for just one.  I decided that this was something I could potentitally make on my own. 

After doing some research on the internet, I found out what I needed that I didn’t already have.  PUL waterproof fabric, various cotton fabric, a snap plier and snaps.  Luckily the only things I had to buy online were my snaps and snap plier,which I got from kamsnaps.  The PUL fabric I got at Joann’s on sale for $6.50/yard and I bought some other colorful, fun fabric that was on sale there too. 

I wanted to make a one-size pocket diaper, so that in the event that we do have another baby (God willing), we can use them again from birth to potty training.  I made my own pattern from outlining a Flip diaper cover and started sewing.  I was about to give up after the first one…I wanted to take a sledge hammer to my cheap sewing machine.  After a lot of trial and error, I was able to start cranking these diapers out at about 2 a day (yep, I’ll be keeping my day job).

Some people use microfiber for the insert, but I really wanted to keep synthetic materials out of the diaper (except for the PUL), so I opted for a hemp/cotton fleece instead which I got online from Hemp Traders for about $10/yard.  These are 4 layers of fabric, serged at the edges and are supposed to be pretty absorbant.  We’re currently using two of these at night, with the pocket diaper and a wool longie just in case there is any leakage (which there has been).

So far these have been working out great and Laird is still diaper rash free!  I am totally biased, but I think he has the cutest behind around.  I’ll attach pictures of all the steps, should anyone want to make them!


2 responses to “Cloth diaper project

  1. Now that I’m your stalker, I also think you’re a genius. No way I’d have the patience to sew… no way! You’ve got grandma’s blood running through your veins!

    • I honestly don’t remember watching her sew that much, but during those few times I did, she taught me a lot. It’s been fun, though time-consuming. I’ve been looking for a creative outlook, so it’ll fill the void for now. 🙂

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